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05-01-2008, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Kevin Kautsitsin View Post
It's so difficult having to explain to people how Higgins is 24 in only his second post-season.

Think about it for a second, why do I have to explain this?

I don't know why people blame and bash him for putting him in a position he's not ready yet.

Bla bla bla..... It's always the same excuses with Higgins, still young, second playoff in his career and bla bla.

The fact is, he's been a non factor this year and a Rookie like Sergei Kostitsyn has outplayed him in every area possible !!

Sergei Kostitsyn has dwarfed Higgins performance and the guy never played in the playoffs so what's you're excuse this time ?! Even guys like Kostopoulos and Smolinspuke has been better than him so far.

And don't tell me that this guy has leadership skills, because he showed none with his performances and his contraversial quotes through out the year.

If Higgins is that good, how come he can't do anything playing alonside the best 2 forwards on this team ?! I'm still waiting for that 40 goals scorer of yours...

Face it, his stone hands and his lack of offensive vision are what makes him a 3rd liner, plain and simple !!

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