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05-01-2008, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by keemo905 View Post
I just wanted to apologise because I have to take full responsability for the loses we have had against the flyers... After the first game, (a victory) I am starting to get it on with my girlfriend and as we are in the heat of the action, she tells me I reminded her of her ex-husband because I was kissing her with my playoff beard - I can't grow a beard for the life of me - and her ex was a very hairy dude. She did not like me having a beard and I did not like she was thinking about him while we were getting busy so I stood up and went shave before finishing what we had started... As soon as I finished shaving a feeling of guilt came upon me and I knew we were doomed... Result: we have been outplaying them but lost the last three games.

But really, what could I have done? Do my gf while she is thinking about her ex or shave? I know now I should have just not kissed her and kept my "beard" (or the few hairs on my face).

Sorry guys I will know better next year.
I highly doubt you were in bed with anyone but yourself. But in case you really were in female company, next time pay her a little more, she'll like you just fine.

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