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05-01-2008, 01:35 PM
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I think a lot of you give the Flyers TOO much credit. You complain about the lack of finish and heart and whatever, but do you really think our players aren't cringing every time they see a puck slide through the crease? I think that argument is BS. I think we're trying to score just as hard as the Flyers, if not more. Yes, we're not crashing the net as much as we should be, but we shouldn't have to, because that's not our game, and we never did it during the regular season.

Of course, things change during the playoffs, and you could argue that we should be changing our strategies, but the bottom line is that we're still able to create dazzling plays! True many of our plays have been along the perimeter, but many of you are forgetting the shots we've had up close. Pleks, Koivu, Kovalev, Higgins, Latendresse, Kostopolous... I wish I had video of all the chances we've had from right in front of Biron.

The bottom line is that Biron has been VERY HOT over the past 4 games. I'm not saying that he's playing super-well, I'm saying that he's been hot. There's a difference. A hot goalie has every puck come right to him, and no matter what he seems to do, he's always in good positioning. Whether it's a post, or a puck that slides through the crease right under his pads or a puck that goes right into his glove, he's always been there.

I don't think it's fair to say that the Flyers have "worked hard" for these wins. It's complete BS. Because had our luck gone the other way, we would've had 3-0 leads in most of the games, and the Flyers wouldn't have had enough to get a single goal. They have not impressed me ONCE this entire series. I think I can recall a max of 3 impressive plays that they've made. All the rest of their goals have been BS goals from the perimeter as well, most of them went in because our goalie was SCREENED FROM A DISTANCE.

I can't see how anyone can justify the Flyers deserving this series based on their play. Don't give me that BS of them being comfortable with us being in their zone passing around them like they're not even on the ice and just waiting for Biron to make a save. Teams DO NOT play with that mentality. They know they've been outplayed in 3 straight games, how can you say that they deserve this series?

IMO, that's the only tell. If you're being outplayed for 3 straight games, you don't deserve to win. Sure, you're getting the right bounces, luck and you have an extremely hot goalie going up against a so-so goalie, but you sure as hell haven't done anything in particular to win those games.

Things like bounces, hot goalie and facing a mediocre goalie don't add up to deserving the damn series.

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