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05-01-2008, 04:05 PM
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The shot was made and within a short time the hit is made.
The wording within 56.1 "INTERFERENCE" in the rules under "Possession of the puck" contact is allowed "immediately following loss of possession of the puck". There is no time so immediate is subject to what the ref thinks. How consistent that call is made depends of interpretation by each ref. So it is by no means a constant. Not even necessarily by the same ref

Could the call be made? Sure

Was the call made? Obviously.

Was it consistent with other calls in the same game? Absolutely not.

Is that unusual? No because it is subject to interpretation

So lots of times fans will get ticked. But if you really think this was an unusual hit, just watch ALL teams make a hit on a D man behind the goal line and see how many there are after "one one thousand". It is VERY common and therefore is not called very often

Forget about the freakin' door and the thought that Begin wanted to hit him through it. It had nothing to do with the call.

So blaming Begin, the top hitter in the playoffs, for making that hit and losing the game is absurd. Besides that fact that there were MANY other more important factors at play, there really was nothing unusual about the call except that it usually does not get made.

Watch a game tonite and count how often no call is made on a hit after the same interval

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