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Originally Posted by Erika Kostitsyn View Post
Because there are no other better options.

And you said playoffs only ? It's been like that all year long. Ovechkin would've probably put around 75 if you switch him with Higgins place and giving all the scoring chances Higgins had.

A normal superstar instead of Higgins would've put around 80-90 points if he had all Higgins opportunities.
So ig Higgins and AK get the same numbers, AK gets them thru talent and Higgins thru gratuitous providence ? Your staemnets regarding quotes are interseting, but unsupported. Higgins brings a lot of value to the table. Playing a game that should bring from 50 -65 points, with good wheels and able to play big minutes up a goal, is a value to any oorg. If hf goes nuts anytime a kid shows promise, and calls hgim a budding star, it has nothing to do with Higgins. Listen to McGuire's characterization of Higgins, a teremendous player at both ends who has never been a big scorer, so to expect 40 is silly. Higgins own staement about 40 being a goal, didn't help him much.

Yup, he should have taken the cowards way out and avoided the media after practices like many of his teammates did. Higgins realizes that being there when the questions are asked is how the org. relates to the public, and it's a role he was aske dto fill. I think he should step back from this a tad, but that's part of learning the role.

He's a good player. He isn't a great player. If that means you need to dump on him ad naseum, it's more your issue than his and typical of fans that need a scapegoat when teams don't live up to their own foolish expectations.

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