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05-01-2008, 08:06 PM
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Knee Injuries for me take the Longest to come back

im only 16 and my knee cap poped out twice this year and the first time i was out four week-no damage x-ray showed it was fine but their was the chance of it happening again

and about four month later,my knee cap poped out-and i was out 8-10 weeks with a factured knee cap-

and in the summer,im meeting with a specialst for my knee,which sucks because it could lead to Surgery

and my next hockey season could be done

i wear a brace where ever i go
and i try to play road hockey atleast 5-10 minutes-twice a day

But After the Injury-it took me another month to get back to regular activities,

so the best advice i can give you is try it out but ice and rub it down good


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