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05-02-2008, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
It's not as if teams can't win playing finesse and puck control games. I don't really watch the Red Wings and marvel at their grit. They have it squirreled away in their back pockets with some players, but actually very rarely have it on open display. Of course, the Red Wings' example of skill and puck control is not something that would ever be easy to match or even practically aspire to. It probably would be easier to just add some explicit grit to the team instead.
while the Red Wings may not "rely" on grit, I'd certainly consider them a team with a fair amount of gritty players srpinkled throughout their forward lineup.

Up front they have Holmstrom (the exact type of player we sorely lack), Franzen, Cleary, Draper, Drake and McCarty... that's 6 of their 13 forwards that have dressed so far this playoffs

In a way, I think that if we could add one or two "gritty" players to our top 3 lines in the offseason, we'd be able to play a very similar style to the red wings. I think what makes their game so effective is that they have the personnel to balance the finess/puck control with "grit"/agressive & physical offensive zone presence. We have the skill, but outside of Koivu (which in itself highlights the problem), and to a certain extent Higgins, our forwards don't seem able/willing to do the "gritty" type work in the Offensive zone.

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