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05-19-2004, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Park #2
I wouldn't say Schremp is lazy at all. These stories all got started when the kid left Mississauga a few games into Greg Gilbert's tenure. That was a combition of things - including some very bad advice in my opinion. HE went to LOndon. At the time of this occurence - He was rated #2 on most draft boards, no lower then 4. SO, we are not even eight months later, and people have a pretty unfair label on him. He's a good good - his defensive play is questionable, but you know what - so where a lot of great talents coming out of juniors. I look at this kid and I see the offensive ability of a Pat LaFontaine and more.
All that you mentioned about him asking to be traded out of Mississauga didn't bother me one bit - he was a 16 year old kid after all. I simply don't like it when the one individual who knows him the best out of any of us, his Junior hockey coach, decided to keep him on the bench during the most important game of the season; to me that is scary. No one has a crystal ball and he may turn out to be awesome....then again he could turn out to be Alexander Daigle , if the risk is too great then teams will pass on him and opt for a safer pick. I will not be surprised one bit to see him go at around 9.
BTW his WJC snub isn't that attractive either.