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Originally Posted by NYRangers88 View Post
In defense of myself, who has been in a fight before, I have to say its not fair to say this.

For my fathers birthday, I bought me and him 2 tickets to Rangers / Devils in Section 205, game 4. After the game, as usual, the Ranger fans were taunting the few Jersey people walking around, and near the escalator of Tower A, some idiot wearing a Devil jersey got fed up with it and charged at the nearest Ranger jersey he could find, which happened to be my father. He tackled him to the ground, and my father hit his head on the radiator and broke his left leg in the fall. Natually, I lost my cool and charged after the idiot, only to have it broken up by other Ranger fans. (The security is joke at the Garden) Thank god my dad was Ok, because if we were two steps ahead he would have fallen down the escalator. I am not a violent person at all, but if someone touches me or my family, that can change in a hurry.

And to end the night on even a better note, our train was delayed in Mineola for nearly 2 hours because of a drug deal or something. Well, I guess thats the price we have to pay for seeing such a great game
Like your dad, that Penguins fan (even if he did instigate it with WORDS) when he was shoved the first time, the Rangers fan put full force into it .. he too could have slammed his head on the ground. I assumed his backpack broke his fall. You didn't see the Penguins fan for like 2 minutes and then he went back at the Rangers fan, going up the stairs. The next thing you see is the Penguins tumbling down. It's a human being, it might not be serious but it can turn serious. No one deserves that for attending a game to support the team they like.

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