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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Was at a NYR/TOR game up in Toronto a few years ago. Bure scored the winner with less than a minute remaining on a breakaway

There were 6 of us and I can swear that we were the ONLY ones heard in the building.

We were given the evil eye by more than a few, but the immediate fans around us made us feel welcome and while there was trash talking both ways, it was in fun and all good natured.

When we got out of the building, obviously we were very vocal, but again, all in good fun and we were approached by a group of about 5-6 Leafs fans and while we thought something was going to go down, again nothing so it was cool.

My experience in Toronto would not suggest that they are an arena full of idiots like the Island and the Swamp and down in Filthadelphia, but I've been there just that one time so it's just a small sampling.

just my .2

When you root for your team in the other teams house you show respect. Cheer , root all you want. Taunting and chanting if you are not in the majority is plain stupid. Fans need to respect other fans and respect the game. I go to another teams locale, I put on my ranger shirt, cheer and KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. The problem nowadays is people are not afraid to get their a** handed to them so they taunt and act like uncivilized clowns.

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