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05-03-2008, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Avery Orr Pock View Post
Wearing your Rangers jersey can help you bond or get heckled by people. Is there a fine line when you don't treat someone like a human being when they wear an opposing jersey? When you see someone wearing another team's jersey, does it justify your right to beat them up?

Last night, around the vicinity of 305/306, there were Rangers fans yelling at a Penguins fan and then one pushed him so hard that he fell back. I don't know if he would have gotten back up if it wasn't for his backpack. Things got heated and the Penguins fan ran (up the stairs) back after the Rangers fan that pushed him. The next thing that happened made me wish that I wasn't a Rangers fan (at that moment), the Rangers fan pushed his guy down the stairs. I swear I saw him flip down and hit the barrier into row A of that section.

I understand that we are fans who support a different team but when did we stop being humans. When is it ok to hit someone because they are not supportive of your choosing?

I've been heckled, booed and I admit to have verbal confrontations with opposing fans but it's always in their arena and they said some racist stuff about me. Not once will I let a verbal confrontation get physical.

It was terrifying watching that Penguins fan fall down the stairs. What if he had died? How do you justify killing someone over a hockey game? Lastly, when did someone people decide that opposing hockey fans are human beings that don't deserve the same respect as the home team fans?
First playoff game at the Garden?

Out of all the arenas I've been to, the Garden and the Meadowlands have the most hostile crowds. 'Course, it's not so bad in the Meadowlands, as even if an arena-wide riot broke out, you'd only have to worry about 10 -15 people

I always figured this was due to NYC's massive population. You're a lot more likely to run into a jerk there than, say, Ticonderoga (Port Henry's a different story )

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