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05-20-2004, 10:25 AM
Larry Melnyk
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They close down for 1 year, let alone 2 and the NHL will be finished in the US....Look how long it took baseball to get back...And with Hockey, we're probably talking about the 11th rated sport in the US behind Baseball, football, collefge FB, basketball, college BB, golf, NASCAR, Extreme Sports, Demolition Derby, Tiddly-winks and who knows what else.....Exept for the hardcore, people will not give a ***** and forget after a lockout of a year...Hell, I think even a half year lock-out will set the stage for a crippling loss as there are so many alternatives out there, both live and on TV.....I consider myself a hard core hockey fan and I know my interest will wane big time if these fools can't reach an agreement...

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