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05-03-2008, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Avery Orr Pock View Post
The purpose of this thread was to convey a message. Whether or not it's hockey, just walking down the street, who instigated and who's wearing what jersey. We are all human beings and don't deserve to batter each other. There is absolutely NO REASON! There are people out there who gets killed over $30, an IPod .. whatever! It's senseless! I've had season tickets since after the lockout and I've seen fights and verbal confrontations that got out of hand. This is the first time that I was watching one of those confrontations and was afraid for someone's life. Do you know how easy it is to break your neck down a flight of stairs? As someone who was closer said earlier, he enjoyed watching the Penguins fan roll down the stairs and hit the railing. There is enough violence in the news, do we need to create more? and over a hockey game?

To answer someone's question, there were 2 EMTs there, one ran towards the section but walk away 5 minutes later because there were 2-3 others there already. I guess that kid was ok but I am sure that he'll be hurting the next day. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt!

Maybe I am a female and more sensitive to issues like this and men with their testosterone wants to see violence and don't see anything wrong with beating someone's ass .. for NO REASON. In the end, the right or wrong is not who instigated or who hit who first but it's who's seriously hurt or killed. The law don't care who instigated an argument, if a victim is hospitalized or dead. That's all!
I agree with you, but they may be because I am also female. I really cannot understand how some can justify the behavior by "if you wear the opposing team's jersey you deserve it"

It's garbage wether it be Ranger/Islander/Devil/Flyer/Penguin ( fan who takes part in such behavior.

Again, I understand trash talking when it's done in a tongue in cheek fashion with all sides being civil but still having fun with it.

Once you start throwing things (fists included) it becomes stupid and ruins the fun for everyone.

I understand the one guy who posted about his father being attacked, I understand why he reacted and have no problem with that.

It's just silly to get into a pissing match with someone over a sports team

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