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05-03-2008, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Covenant View Post
Why has Bob Gainey been let off so easy, when he was the person responsible for derailing the Habs Cup run? Leaving playoff goaltending to two rookie goalies is a recipe for disaster. If Huet stayed, just his presence would have taken tremendous pressure of Price. Instead of the go to guy, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, the pressure would be on Huet and then Price could develop at a sensible pace.

The comparisons to Roy and Dryden are unfair and only heightened fan expectation and hence the pressure on Price. There is only one Patrick Roy and one Ken Dryden. While Price may yet turn out to be a solid goalie, he is not in the class of the Roy's of the world and now may have irrepairable damage done to his confidence.

The one to blame for this is Bob Gainey.

Yeah that was a pretty dumb move with Huet at the deadline. Everybody in the hockey world, and I mean everybody, were shaken their heads after that brilliant move...So yes, Gainey has to be held accountable for this, as well as his poor judgement in allowing Carbo to coach the way he did in the playoffs. Just goes to show that it can be a dangerous thing when you allow a network of buddies to run a team...They'll continue to go to bat for each other until the whole clan is wiped out.

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