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05-03-2008, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Honestly guys.....if Carbo can be bashed and if the majority of players can be as well, I really don't know why Gainey wouldn't be. Sure we had a hell of a season. What the majority of fans are forgetting to add is that we owe a big thank you to Huet for that season, you know the goalie who did, in the end, ended up winning his share of games while Carey wasn't ready too much.

The same Huet who played a big factor in Caps great comeback for the playoffs, the same guy who was 1 goal away from making the 2nd round and the same guy we used to appreciated.....until he's traded when he suddenly becomes a subpar goalie....

By Gainey's words, he decided to trade Huet 'cause he thought Price would do a better job in the playoffs. Clearly, the kid said that he was fatigued mentally and wasn't ready for the challenge. Meaning Gainey made a mistake, 'cause the kid wasn't ready for that challenge.

How come is so problematic to admit he made a mistake while ALL the team coaches from Melanson to the video coach to the water boy have had their share of blame...............

We will move on and Price might become better 'cause of that experience, but as far as building a team to go far THIS year, evidently, we didn't 'cause we are not.
The thing is, I don't know if we would have done as well with the constant goalie controversy keeping Huet and Price for the playoffs would entail. I think it would cause needless mental strains on both netminders. Who would have started the playoffs?

If I recall correctly, Huet was in a bit of a slump before the deadline. In his last 8 games as a Habs, he gave up 5 goals three times, 3 goals another three times and won only 3 times. There was a sense that the team in fact no longer had confidence in him.

I don't think it would have made any positive difference had we kept Huet to be honest. Huet won 21 games and lost, regualtion + ot/so, 18 games. While Price won 24 and lost, regulation + ot/so, 15 games. What that win/loss record tells me is that the Habs played better with Price in net than Huet. When Huet gets traded to the Caps, suddenly he plays like a star goalie again. He goes 11-2-0 with MUCH better stats than he had with the Habs. Did he just need a change of scenery or does he play better with the Caps style of play?

The thing is we will never know what would have happened had we kept Huet. Would Huet had been as good as he was with the Caps or would he have been as average as he looked for that month of February. I honestly think he couldn't handle being in a 1a/1b situation.

Just my 2 cents.

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