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05-03-2008, 11:44 PM
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Based on my expectations going in:


Begin (A-): Tons of heart, a hit machine, and shot blocker. A costly penalty in game 4, but if the talented players on this team had half his heart, we would have won.

Dandenault (D): Sigh

Higgins (B+): A bit inconsistent, but overall very good effort. Showed leadership on the ice and battled hard. If he only had some more natural talent ...

Koivu (A): The captain and the best player during the playoffs. This is what leadership is about.

A. Kostitsyn (B-): Bigger than his brother Serge and yet afraid of his own shadow during most games. I expect him to learn a lot from this and be better next playoffs.

S. Kostitsyn (B+): Exceeded my expectations. Tenacious, gritty and creative - much more so than his more talented brother.

Kostopolous (A-): Warrior. I salute this man. One of the only guys who would consistently go to the net. Quick release too, and on target - too bad he can't pick corners. What can you do.

Kovalev (B): This guy gets way too much criticism for not being an elite superstar game after game - something he's never been. That said, I expected more from him considering his regular season and the fact that he saves some of his best stuff for the post-season. Disappointing.

Lapierre (C-): Inconsistent and invisible most of the time. I thought this guy was supposed to be somewhat of a superpest? Lack of grit, lack of desire. Take some lessons from Lucic.

Latendresse (C-): Not used a lot, but then again, there was a reason. This man needs to get a fire under his butt. Go to the net and use your size, Gui. We're not asking you to be Cam Neely and beat guys up and score 50, but come on, you gotta get a little dirtier.

Plekanec (C+): He said he played like a girl, and he's not wrong. He was pushed around both in the faceoff circle, in open ice, and in front of the net for long, long stretches. Not the same Pleky we saw in the regular season.

Ryder (n/a): Fairly invisible for the little he played.

Smolinski (B): Great against Boston, and not as good against Philly.

Streit (D+): Not built for the playoffs. Mentally and physically weak.


Bouillon (B+): Sadly for the team, he was probably one of the best blue liners. Good stuff, Franky.

Brisebois (C+): Better than the regular season, but such a riverboat gambler for someone who isn't even that creative offensively. Terrible coverage in his own zone too.

Gorges (B+): Really impressed me. Demonstrated a lot of poise and leadership on the ice. I hated to see Rivet go. This softens the blow. Well done, Josh. Just hit the damn net.

Hamrlik (C): Terrible. Outmuscled and outsmarted time and again.

Komisarek (B-): Probably still hurting because he played like it.

Markov (C+): Subpar performance. Lots of mental lapses and not nearly as strong as he normally is.

O'Byrne (C+): Not ready for prime time and not really that intimidating. He's young.


Price (C+): The pressure on this poor guy was ridiculous. That said, he is said to thrive on it, and yet he demonstrated that he is quite human. Can't fault him for that, but certainly he played below expectations and was dismissal at times.

Halak (B+): Great job coming into a very tough situation.

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