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Sined's Evaluation of the Canadiens' 07-08 campaign.

Sorry I this seems like a ripoff to HallyHabsFan21's Canadiens Playoff Report Card thread. But I had written up this fancy table format thingy but failed to read "Playoff Report Card". I'd rather make a new thread than look like a ****** going completely off-topic.

# Player Grade Comment
22 Steve Bégin C+ Yes he did **** up in game 4, but he executed his role as good as one would ask during the entire season. This guy lives and breathes hockey with every fabric of his heart and soul. I gotta give him his props.
28 Kyle Chipchura C I really wanted to see more from Kyle, hopefully he can make the team and stay there next year. This off season will be key for him to work on the things that put him out of the roster.
54 Mikhail Grabovski D Looks like a promising player, just not with our team. Missing the flight during the west coast road trip was not cool.
21 Christopher Higgins B- Fell short of pre-season expectations, but was good defensively which leads me (and others) to think he would make a good LW for a 2-way shutdown type Line.
11 Saku Koivu A- While his regular season was less than stellar (probably the lack of pure scoring wingers), his post season was classic Captain K. This guy needs to hoist the Stanley Cup.
46 Andrei Kostitsyn A Breakout year, okay playoffs. Overall a very nice step in the right direction. Hopefully will carry over to next year.
74 Sergei Kostitsyn A- Probably the reason behind A.Kost's breakout year, having a good year himself. I am a bit concerned about the amount of penalties he takes, should be an easy fix.
6 Tom Kostopoulos B Was okay, more or less average in the regular season. Showed a ****ton of heart and was a beast in the Playoffs.
27 Alex Kovalev A We got the good Kovy this year and was a blast to watch. Hopefully carries over to next year.
40 Maxim Lapierre B- Showed a lot of promise in some games, needs more consistency. I feel like he brings a lot to the table. He wasn't spectacular offensively but he can pot the odd goal here and there. He showed he was willing to go in the corners and scrap.
84 Guillaume Latendresse B- Some progress, hopefully he will work on his skating this summer, uses his body more and takes up more space in front of the net.
14 Tomas Plekanec A- Very good regular season, would have gotten an A but let up a bit during the playoffs. Hopefully he can take from Captain K and play with more determination and be willing to get physical.
73 Michael Ryder C Not really used. Got better defensively but strayed away from his bread and butter which is scoring.
20 Bryan Smolinski C- While he was good for the latter stretch of the season and showed some of his veteran presence during the playoffs. I cannot ignore how much he ****ed up during the season (except against NJ, he's totally got Brodeur's number I'll give him that).

# Player Grade Comment
51 Francis Bouillon B Once stripped of his symbiotic brother Dandenault, Frank looked like he was earning that 1.875m. Okay maybe not, but he still impressed the hell outta me.
71 Patrice Brisebois C For an old fart he ****ed up less that I expected him to. I gave him 2 months tops before he would be chased out of MTL again. But he was decent for us (given his salary and he was sitting out a lot) I'll admit.
25 Mathieu Dandenault D- Can't play D, played Forward which he is even worse at. Failure. I didn't give him an F because he didn't cause too much distraction ala Samsonov.
26 Josh Gorges A+ Yes I'll admit it, I'm a Josh fanboy. This guy hasn't stopped impressing me since mid season. The guy has gotten better EVERY SINGLE GAME. The best part is it carried over into the post-season. He didn't look like a deer in headlights. Now I'm not going to devalue Rivet but seeing some of the **** Christian Ehrhoff is doing, Gorges is looking like a damn good prospect lost from San Jose's point of view.
44 Roman Hamrlik A This guy was a STUD this year. Anyone who disagrees needs to look no farther than when he was out for like what 4 games? Those were some of the WORSE games of the season. I mean this guy made Breakwood look like a decent Dman (no offence)
8 Mike Komisarek A- Was a BEAST all year except for the month prior to his hip injury. Never looked like he came back from the injury either. Hopefully next year he will be EVEN better.
79 Andrei Markov A- He and Komi looked SOLID until Komi went down. Gorges looked good with him but didn't have the dynamic that Komi/Marky have.
3 Ryan O'Byrne B Maybe I'm just giddy from how Montreal hasn't usually had many tall, strong D-Men but OB looks like he might be Komi v2.0 which is VERY exciting. Next season, if he can play 2/3 as good of how Komi played this year prior to the injury. I'd be really afraid of our defense.
32 Mark Streit B- Don't get me wrong I really like Streit, but I think he is at this weird crossroad where he has to settle once and for all whether he is a D-man or a forward. Ultimately I feel it will decide whether he continues to play for us or not. But in the end I do appreciate all he has done for the team this year.

# Player Grade Comment
41 Jaroslav Halak B+ This guy is the consummate professional, he came in last year almost got us to the post-season, only to see what I really thought was his spot, taken by Carey Price. That would have easily driven a lesser person to self-destruct and potentially kill one's career. But he fought through it and eventually made his way to the roster even getting a start in the playoffs.
31 Carey Price A- He's shown that he has a tremendous amount of potential. While many (mostly biased people from other fanbases) will call him all hype, no substance. There is something about this kid that tells me that next year, his glove hand side will be his strongest side. I can't help but imagine him working on that part of his game during this off season. Look for him to be a force next year.

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