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05-04-2008, 01:12 PM
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How many of you...:

1-Had trouble sleeping? Nope.
2-Will have to drink to sleep tonight as well? I might drink some, but not to sleep.
3-Are still depressed that the Habs are out? Sure, but life goes on.
4-Just don't care anymore? I care, but now I can focus on other things.
5-Are still chanting "Biiiiroon" in your heads? Nah.
6-Are still thinking "Damn you Briere you Traitor"? Didn't care from the start, I'm not a Montrealer or Quebecois.
7-Can't stand that "Ole" chant anymore? (we need something new) Don't care about it either way.
8-Actally cried last night after we got eliminated? (Be Honnest) Nope.
9-Believe that if Gainey, Carbonneau and Muller were in the lineup (our shut down Line), that we would of Owned the Flyers? In their prime? Hell yeah.
10-Honestly believe that we were gonna win the cup this year? No.
11-Predicted the Habs would actually have the season they did? Pfff, who did?
12-The Habs would actually make the playoffs? Honestly no.
13-Turned off your TV, or changed the Channel, when the Rangers were up 5-0, only to Open the TV again and see the game tied up? What was your reaction?(Let's hear the stories ) I actually turned off the TV at around 3-0 and turned it back on just in time to see the 5-3 goal.
14-Became Fans of the Canadiens solely because of the way they playerd this year? ANd how many of you expect to remain fans for years to come, not jumping off the bandwagon at the 1st sign of distress? No, I've been a Habs fan for as long as I can remember. My favorite player growing up was Patrick Roy so I never jumped on any Habs bandwagon.
AND Finally..... 1 that i Myself regret...
15-Made a bet with a Flyers fan and lost? Please explain the rules and what you have to do now, and for how long. Did the avatar bet here on HF. I think we're stuck with them for 2 weeks.

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