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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
HAHAHA....a fan is a fan.
If someone cheers for a team, they are a fan. If some people are realistic fans who see the teams faults and understand that there is a chance that the team might lose....they are still a fan, not a bandwagon jumper like you like to refer to.

I don't understand the term bandwagon jumper. Just because some people choose to be realistic and admit when the team is going to lose as opposed to saying they will win every game and the Stanley Cup at the end of the year....doesn't make them any less of a fan.

I knew the Habs weren't going to win this series after the second game. We had too many missed chances, hit too many goal posts and didn't score enough powerplay goals to win this series. Philly got all the bounces because they worked hard and capitalized on all their chances, the Habs didn't do that in one game of this series so why would I lie to myself and say that they are going to comeback from a 3-1 deficit and win the series when it was plain to see that it wasn't going to happen.
Hey realism is one thing. The bandwagon is something else.

A bandwagon fan is the kind of guy you find out about when the team is doing well. then all of a sudden he has followed the Habs for years. When the going gets rough, or the team does not win it all, they moan and quack a bit. Say a lot of ignorant things. Then they disappear until the team is doing well again

Another group is the eternal cliff jumper types. One bad game and it's trade this guy, fire that guy, call up so and so from the AHL, send so and so to the AHL. yada yada yada. No balance. Eternally pessimistic. Totally digital, black/white, left/right, up/down . . . . Two bad games and they will never watch another game. Mysteriously they survive cliff jumps and keep coming back.

Oddly enough, most of the bandwagoneers on on boards like this where they remain anonymous. Most guys that I know that are habs fans take it hard when they lose but stay solid fans. Criticism is realistic. Hiding behind a screen-name on the net is easy to do. You can't hide in real life

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