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05-04-2008, 04:17 PM
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Alright, I wrote out a short list of some of the posters that popped in my mind when I thought of my favourites. This list isn't everyone, but it's definitely quite a few of my favourite posters .. so if you're on here, feel special.

PS. I'm sorry I drive you all nuts with the Brisebois stuff.. but hopefully you won't have to hear it after he retires.. next season! ... Haha, seriously though, thanks for putting up with me.

Here are the names;
  • Habs10Habs
    Likely my favourite poster to read. Very smart with a great sense of humour and loves to include everyone. Really enjoy his posts...
  • Watsatheo
    From the first moment I saw a post it was love. Lol.. I think I pay more attention to his avatar rather than his posts .. Very good poster who can be funny but is very smart...
  • Waffledave
  • Chomsky
  • Jaydee96
  • Cristobal Huet
    One of the few guys who love to show their passion for a certain player, but will discuss (and give props) to anyone else. Unlike TheDamned who was Kovalev or go home, Huet (though appearing less) is still posting here and is still a Habs fan. Awesome guy...
  • Qui Gon Dave
    Great updates on the Hamilton boys all year. Thanks for everything...
  • Komi_Freak
    Great poster. Haven't seen them in awhile though.. ..
  • Russeltown
    ****ing hilarious...
  • Guillemin
    Smart guy. He's great to read, even if we don't always agree...
  • Lord Chezz
    Hilarious. Probably the most popular poster on the forum.. other than Lilwinger11.. lol...
  • Znk
    One of the best...
  • Mue
    Been posting with this dude forever...
  • Brownman
  • Lilwinger11
    The board _ _ _ _... Haha, joking. She's awesome and contributes to everything. She's always good fun...
  • SpreeEndaz
    A little overdone on the youtube videos sometimes, but some are just so funny. Good sense of humour...
  • Tuggy
    We disagree a lot. A LOT. But I love reading his opinions, because regardless what he thinks, he'll back it up and give you a good debate...
  • Ice Poutine
    .. That's enough to tell you about him. Ice is great....
  • Beakermania
    Mod that, for the most part, doesn't let his power get to his head. Loves to contribute and joke around with all of us "lesser" people. He's great fun...
  • Anarmandaleb
    Easily the best newcomer...
  • Rayne
    One of my absolute favourites...
  • Le Tricolore
    Knows his stuff and is a great help to everyone around here. Usually participates in anything...
  • Thief50
    No reason really other than I've always enjoyed his posts...
  • HarryI
    Hard work on the gameday threads.. and he knows his stuff. Love reading what his has to say, although his avatar always creeps the **** out of me...
  • RedScull
    Knows his stuff, but tends to keep to himself more often than not. I'd love him to be more prominent on the forums again.
  • Seb_Rafter
  • Whitesnake
    Don't agree on anything at all, but he knows his stuff. Plus he has the name of one of the greatest bands ever as his S/N.
  • Phil Parent
  • Eliash
    Sometimes I really enjoy stuff from him, though I don't see him a lot.
  • Freaky Habs Fan
  • HallyHabsFan21
    Don't agree much, but I love the contributions from him.
  • Ohashi_Jouzu
  • Fido22
    Quickly moving up my list of favourite posters...
  • --- So many other posters who I have failed to mention! ---

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