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05-05-2008, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Nobak View Post
It might be the hardest, but quite obviously the current setup is not effective. It's the NHL's fault for not making radical changes, IMO. I could, say, try to move a truck by swinging at it with a PVC pipe, and you couldn't blame me for it not working, but you'd be very much justified in calling me stupid/ineffective if I kept on trying that method for years on end.

A long time ago (might not have been this year), I made a thread about what could possibly work - but it was just after a Habs loss where they got screwed (it was what got me thinking after all) so it got shut down.

I was mad because I had actually put lots of thought into it (and it is still to this day the only thread I've started here, I believe). I don't really remember most of what I said, but I think a key idea was that a system with one ref on the ice and one ref off the ice would have lots more potential (the off-ice ref could be in communication with the on-ice ref, who'd relay his calls on top of making his own).

So I guess my point is, NHL's officiating sucks, and I don't see them trying properly to fix it.
The problem is that the talent hasn't caught up to the two ref system.... we basically doubled the number of refs. This is the same as expanding the league by twice as many teams....

We need to have patience... eventually it'll catch up to the need.

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