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05-05-2008, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by dlandry77 View Post
First off I am a Habs fan first and I am a hockey fan second. from Edmonton Alberta.

Win or Lose I am a Habs fan. I could give 2 sh*ts about any other team in the league. Come on 80%, are you getting your stats from a leaf station.

Sometimes people say stuff when they are dissapointed after a loss.
Personally I got up this morning and people were looking forward to the UFA season and thats fun. Get players that can help for next season. The playoffs are done for me, I am not watching another game until pre season. But talking about the season and targeted players we might go after gets myself anyway through the summer. I am no Ban wagon jumper as you say it, I can guarantee that a lot of these fans on this site are hard core Hab fans. They are very passionate about there team.

I was depressed last night we lost and a lot of people vented, we are human.

I have also noticed people are still writing today, so maybe there are a lot of real Hab fans and not ban wagon jumpers you speak of. Honestly go write this thread on about 55% of the american team threads like Florida, maybe that will make sense.

You might find some bandwagon fans there.
Not too many Landry's in Alberta..transplanted maritimer?

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