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Originally Posted by HamrlikTheStud View Post
He cites that Koivu and Kovalev are not able to share the same locker room. He cites that Kovalev was weaker when Koivu came, and that he was getting away from the other players after he had to give the "C" up.

I know this is probably all bullcrap, but who would you choose between those two?
here we go again... same story different day for François Gagnon. in any given team the 2 best player MUST hate eacher even if he didn't say the word HATE in his article. i dont understand why kovy was given the "C" first place. yes sure he was great during the regular season and all but so many other team had their captain injured, and they didn't give it away to the next best player or the best player on the team.

Originally Posted by HomaridII View Post
I saw this a few weeks ago also being discussed on 110% and I honestly think that while Koivu is not disliked, he doesn't fit in with the rest of the team. JMO.

I had no clue this was the case until I went to a game in March and the Get to know your Habs question in the second period was Who don't you want to room with on the road? Most of the guys said Koivu, with Higgins saying Koivu had his own room on the road because nobody wanted to room with him. They were saying it in a joking manner, citing that Koivu is very neat and Ryder said he goes to sleep very early (10pm he said) on non-game nights, etc..

I know its a dumb question, but it was a little detail that got me thinking. Does Koivu really fit with the team? Most of the young players (The Kostitsyns, Grabs, Plekanec) look up to Kovy and guys like Lapierre, Latendresse, etc.. aren't Koivu followers either.
as far as i can remember ( i could be wrong ) there was only one person who said saku in a joking way that hes very neat, and stuff. there wasn't alot of them. most said it was the goalie and lats cause he talks to much lol.

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