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05-05-2008, 02:13 PM
Coco Fever
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Remember that your position (body) will always influence where the puck carrier will go. If he comes straight to the middle, cheat a bit on one side. Which side? Always try to bring the guy on your strong side. E.g.: I'm left-handed, so when the opponent comes straight to me, I'll cheat to my right so the puck carrier has no choice but to go to my left side...

I'd cheat to the right side holding my stick with my right hand only as wide as possible on the right side to give the puck carrier no choice but to try to deke me on my left side...

Not sure if you can picture all this...I hope so! But the bottom line; if he comes straight in the middle, cheat on your weak side and force him to go to your strong side...and use your stick!

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