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Originally Posted by 32leaguer View Post
Hey there guys,

Okay, as a forward (men's league) who is trying to forecheck, I often find myself approaching someone from the opposition's team who has started with the puck behind their own net and, as such, is coming through the neutral zone with a full head of steam. We're almost heading straight at each other and it doesn't take much for him to deke me out. So, obviously I just try to get in the way, swipe at the puck, etc., but feel like a goofball when the opposing player (often) zips by.

I know you're supposed to 'angle' people to the outside rather than take them straight on, but when someone's coming straight up the middle of the neutral zone, what are the smart plays and goals you are trying to accomplish - slow him down at least a bit (i.e., yeah, you're not likely to stop him, just slow him down), turn and chase him down (but, you lose a step going from towards the opposition then turning around, never take him head on - just start skating back towards your own end, etc., etc..Maybe my backward skating is just too slow (hard to keep up with straight on forward speed?)

Anyway, just looking for some pointers - it seems like I'm in a natural disadvantage in this kind of situation.....Thanks!
Wow, I guess I can write a book on this subject. However, most of the guys in this thread just about covered it. But, let me add just one thing for you to think about.

For me as a coach, forechecking systems are very vital to the success of the team. What I like to teach my players is not only forechecking (when the puck is in their defensing zone) but back checking is much more important. No that's not checking from behind. The term "Back checking" is what you do to regain control of the puck when the other team has broken it out of their defensive zone.

Ok, here's a question for you! How many defensemen are there on the your team when the other team has the puck? (jeperdy music here)

Yep...FIVE! Not two. It is everyones responsability to backcheck and regain control of the puck when the other team has it, not just the defense.

So what's a real good way to regain conrol of the puck if the other guys got it and you don't? Well besides backcheck?

Here's how you can really make life easy...


That means, instead of coming back up the ice empty handed, cover a man on the other team on the in side so you take him out of the play. Once you take him out, the guy with the puck will not pass to him. Then once the guy you are covering get to the blue line, and he starts to turn to straddle the blue line, you simply angle him across for the offside! It just that easy.

Hope this help!
Head coach

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