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05-05-2008, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by lhf1 View Post

Every time one french speaking sports personnality makes one comment people don't like, some people here assume every french speaking individual in Quebec agrees with him. The ridiculous overreactions and generalizations on this board are extremely tiring.

We're all Habs fans. We all want the team to win. Though not everyone can agree. Just chill out people. If you don't like what you read, then stop reading. Or listening.

Listen...François Gagnon used to be the best. But since the Kovalev story last season he's been on a vendetta against Kovalev. He wanted to trade him at the deadline for crying out loud. Now the season is barely over that he starts all over gain? C'est pas parceque' c'est d'la merde Québécoise que c'est pas d'la merde sacrament.

And *** is the thing about everyone thinking every Québécois agrees with what's in the media? Are you paranoid? If I say La Presse and CKAC are letting out crap it means I think all Québécois are like that? Give me a break...

If they can crap on Koivu and Kovalev why should they be immune to the same treatment? If you want to go soak in a pile of crap...then fine. But I wont.

If you never ask for accountability and professionalism you'll never get it.

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