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Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
I think this post is absolutely ridiculous myself.

Hockey is becoming nearly the same everywhere on the planet, in the last few years Canada is influencing the rest of the hockey world into a more physical style(like they with the trap before). The only remaining subclimate is in Russia where skill is a way of life, even there the game is changing towards a more Canadian style.

As for Canadians being "winners" and not Europeans, it's bullcrap. Perfect example of the usage of statistics for political means and I feel sorry to even read those kind of arguments. Please, Ovechkin, Lidstrom, Malkin, Federov do you have special label for them too? Or are they "exceptions", I could fill a page of exceptions. Care too look at Football where they could easily tell us we are just sitting ducks with no talents and character because we are/ have been statistically irrelevant in the history of the sport over the last 100 years?

Blame Petrov, Berezin etc. even Koivu all you want for the past 13 years, we probably just did 20 mistakes on selecting the good Europeans, exactly like we did at drafting like novices in the 90's a bunch of big kids from western Canada, with no character, not even reaching the NHL in most cases. I do remember a guy named Mats Naslund, maybe your too young for that.
Add a few more paragraphs concerning things nobody has previously said if it helps your vent. If you think that a tradeoff of Higgins and O'byrne for a player who has hardly played a meaningful game in his career is smart, great. I hope you're alone.

Listing star european players doesn't make a point or change the argument, the name RJ Umberger does.

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