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Originally Posted by Billy Kautsitsin View Post
I don't think Koivu is considered overrated by many for what he brings.It's the exact opposite,he has been constantly underrated and never appreciated for what he brings all his career in Montreal.He's been considered a star offensive player,but unlike Kovalev,he wasn't surrounded well like Kovy used to be this year and was injured all the time.He's declining,and he's not the ''go-to guy'' due to injuries and health issues anymore but he's an very valuable part of our club and the Habs need him.No need to put him down.It's a fact.

As for Kovalev,I ask accountability and competition from any Hab player and he delivered this season as he was a big part of our success.I congratulate him for it,but unlike you I don't consider him as a megasuperstar who does it all.You have to admit he's benefitted of fortunate circumstances,one having a excellent centre in Plekanec to play with and a world-class PP to help him.

All in all,I enjoy what both players offer on the table and are definitely important parts of eventual success for this franchise.
I enjoy both players as well, but there's no way Plekanec would have gotten as many points without Kovalev.

And I don't consider Kovalev as a mega-hyper-superstar, but he's a superstar when he plays like he did this year. He just does it all.

PK, PP, 5 on 5, he knows how to pass well, he's a master at stickhandling, he has a lethal wrist shot, a lethal slapper, he can play it physical, he's relatively fast, he's strong, and on the PK he anticipates the plays well. The only weakness that keeps this guy away from being the best player is the NHL is the fact that he just tries to do it all by himself.

When you have a player like Kovalev in your hands, you keep him. He's just perfect for our current situation. Our young Russians learn a lot from him and he is the masterpiece of our team.

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