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05-06-2008, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by The Falconer View Post
Not nearly enough.

There is no certainty Cherepanov is coming over until he is inked to a contract--even then Russian players have just jumped ship and returned to Europe before. You're not going to trade the face of your franchise unless you know for sure that the centerpiece will be in uniform.

Prucha? Seems like he had trouble cracking your top six this season.
Dawes? Nice player, but not an impact or elite guy in my opinion.
Tyutin? Another decent complimentary player but not a franchise builder.

To get a 25 year old Kovalchuk signed for two more years at a very reasonable price ($6 cap hit) you're going to have to offer two sure fire franchise building blocks and other picks/prospects. Most of you don't want to talk about Staal but he absolutely would have to be in the conversation.

Go back and look at what other players traded in their peak brought. Gretzky brought Jimmy Carson who was a top 10 scorer and still young at the time.

When Tkachuk was dealt from Phoenix to St. Louis he brought three quality NHL forwards or very strong prospects.

I myself have said that the Thrashers should explore what Kovalchuk would bring--just because they need to expand their base of young talent to build a real contender--but none of these offers entices me. But the Thrashers are not stuck with a traded demand (and even when they were they managed to get Hossa for Heatley which was a very good return for being in a potentially bad situation.)

Look a two month RENTAL of Hossa came at the cost of a 1st rounder, 1st round prospect, 1st round NHL roster player and 3rd round NHL roster player. That's the starting point for trade offers.

Let's face it the price for acquiring a franchise player entering his peak is simply too high for most of you. On the other hand if you're serious Staal and Dubinsky need to enter into the conversation.
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and that is a very very good deal for him....

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