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05-06-2008, 01:08 AM
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I looked and listened to a bruins fan...

I said to myself what a bunch of whiners. All Ruins fan whine all the time. They even run into other teams boards by hundreds to whine and try to discredit us. Yet Ryder became a good player now that the Ruins will try to sign him. He is not the most useless 30 goal scorer anymore. I've not read a post in their Ryder thread saying a bad thing about ryder. What a bunch of whiny losers. It'd be fun to see what they would think about Komi and cie if they became available???

Every time I check a thread on the main board too... There always a ruins fan crying. The habs are this, the habs are that, the habs dive, Komi is a wuss etc... They are the only fanbase to do that kind of stuff.

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