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05-06-2008, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
There might be no need per se to move either of them, but there might be an opportunity. Plus, we don't know what really happens in the dressing room or during practice, now do we?
No we don't and neither does Gagnon it would seem. I wonder why Carbo, Muller and Jarvis would choose to play the two together since Gagnon makes it clear that they don't get along? I mean the coaches are with these guys every day and are in the room with them. They see what's going on all the time yet they are such dunces they can't see what a single journalist reports as fact?

I think this story has about as much credibilty as the Gagnon/Mattias debacle of last year. His pride was hurt when he rushed out to scoop everybody else and then could not back up what he said with something called "evidence". Since he looked the complete fool he has had an axe to grind and waits for any reason to dump on Kovy. Whether it is subtle or not it's still dumping on him. Suggesting he raised his game and then disappeared when he lost the C is complete bull. He only compliments Kovy to rip him down and make him appear to be a spoiled selfish brat.

As for his having a bad year last what? That was last year and means nothing. Koivu had a career year last season and we didn't make the playoffs. Without Kovy this year we don't even make the playoffs. This while guys like Higgins and Ryder weren't their best.

Every time Gagnon goes after Kovy he comes of as no better than the Bergerons of the world. When he sticks to hockey and to journalism in particular he's ok but when he reports rumour and his personal biased opinion as fact he is ridiculous.

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