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05-06-2008, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruins77 View Post
Ok. So this morning I walk inside the montreal metro with my student weekly pass (I am 19years old) and I am stopped by a cop. Basically, I am told that I am not allowed to have the student pass because I am 19 and that I should have the adult pass. Therefore, I receive a nice 214$ ticket. I just don't understand why so much for buying a student weekly pass. I am a student (college and stuff), and even if they have the right to fine me, which I assume they do, why that much? Isn't that the same amount as if I were to be speeding in a school zone or causing danger to the public? Anyways, any advice or similar problems.
If the fine was small, people wouldn't care and would continue buying the student pass, especially since it's dirt cheap compared to the full one (like half-price?)

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