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05-06-2008, 12:27 PM
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OT: Any Swedish Elite Hockey Fans here? Question about Nik Sundstrom

I was just perusing the statistics of players this season, just for kicks and I stumbled upon Niklas Sundstrom's name. Although he drove me nuts when he was here, I can't resist checking up on an old Hab's stats... So this is his numbers from this year and last year in the SEL.

2006-07 Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik SEL 47 9 36 45 116
2007-08 Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik SEL 45 7 30 37 128

Obviously, the PIM's caught my eye. In 92 games in the SEL, Sundstrom has gotten 244 PIMs. In 750 games in the NHL, Sunny had 256 PIMs. I know that the leagues are different in physicality and officiating, but this seems to be a remarkable difference to me. I mean, that is 7th in the SEL in penalty minutes!

Anyways, just wondering why Sunny's PIMs are so high. I'm befuddled.

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