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Originally Posted by Brieremania View Post
I wanted Montreal's opinion on this because i think he has the best handle on all our prospects around the world.... well 2nd best, but Trevor Timmins doesn't post on this board.

Hypothetically speaking, as we know its a longshot, but if Korneev were to sign a contract to come to montreal, and getting him to leave Russia was no longer an issue where would you rank him on the prospect chart??

I would go as high as to say that without the Russian situation he'd be our #1 prospect. I was wondering if you felt the same, or would you still place MaxPac and/or McDonaugh higher due to age??

I'm not sure if he met the gp rule, but i don't see Sergei Kost as a prospect anymore.

Funny cause I was just working on the season end top 20 article for my site and was thinking what I should do with him. I left him out of the rankings due to him turning 24, with 6 years in the rsl under his belt. That said he's exploded the last two years, if you look at what he did with AK Bars, he was often on the 4th pairing, had injuries troubles and was even put on reserve during the nhl lockout when several nhlers flocked to the rsl. In 3 years he had 15 pts, in the last 2 years with CSKA he's had some 45 points.

Clearly you are much, higher on him then me. There's no doubt in my mind that Pacioretty is our top prospect. There's no way I would rank Korneev as our top prospect and I wouldn't rank him as our top D prospect as I would think that Korneev would have the same type of troubles Streit has in his own end, a lack of strength would be a problem. But I am going off what I saw when he was with AK Bars, and I am in no way comparing him to Streit, and I'm just guessing how he would translate in the more physical NA game.

Frankly I am more excited about guys like Subban, O'Byrne and McDonagh because these guys already have the physical skills (skating/speed/strength/checking) and there's hope that they will continue to improve. Korneev has better puck skills but the question is how would he handle the physical game, trying to clear the crease, contain his man along the boards, etc...

Would be cool to see him come over if Gainey can work it out. Always wondered why we never heard anything about Korneev in the media, any word if the Habs had ever tried to get him to come over or if the team was even interested in him.

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