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05-07-2008, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by mstraka82 View Post
yea we have a great core, but who would you rather lead the kids Jaromir or Marian who by the way was pretty much a bad leader when he played for the Senators
Wait, Daniel Alfredsson hasn't been their captain since 2000?

That's news to me.

Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
You forgot the fact that the team had such a tough time because the team was Jagr-centric. Maybe he creates more dysfunction than he solves with the way the team is built right now. Maybe that's the biggest problem on the powerplay.
I tend to agree with that.

The way Jagr wanted the power play to work is as big of a reason for the power play's futility as is the lack of a shot from the point.

The way this team was built from the lockout was Jagr-centric. He wanted his friends, people who played to his suiting. Nylander, Straka, Rozsival, Malik. As much as I like to believe that Jagr's lack of production is a bi-product of getting older, I think it's also a bi-product of him not being happy about losing his friends, especially Nylander. A guy of Jagr's talent could learn to mesh with any center. I also think Jagr is far too overweight. He should be about 225, not 250. I think cutting that weight and adding some muscle would help him get some speed back, which would help his game immensely.

First of all, the bolded part is not really a good thing, although you're making it out to be. You have to get to the playoffs to turn it on in them. A 37-year old Jagr-driven team is going to be worse off than a 36-year old Jagr-driven team.
What's the point of having someone like that?

Have him dog the regular season and make it as a 7th seed and get this mentality stuck in the team's head that it's a mediocre team that can't take the bigger teams? Jagr needs to get his speed back, and could definitely do it if he lost weight and added muscle.

Second of all, those numbers he put up this season aren't $6m numbers. Not for this team at this time. I don't expect him to be the same as he was. But since I don't expect him to be the same as he was, I sure as hell don't want to pay MORE for him than we were.
Exactly, why should we pay this guy more than what he's making when it's known that he's on the decline? I'd rather pay Hossa that money.

Originally Posted by mstraka82 View Post
i would rather have a 37 year old Jagr who has a lot of passion than half of the players out there
Really, where was all of that passion during the regular season?

Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
I love Jagr, just love him.. i think he IS a leader and a great captain..but IF we can replace his numbers, I think it is time we go in a new direction, and that is not a knock on him.
I think a leader is someone who plays at both ends of the ice, but that's just me.

However, if we cannot replace his production. (which we wont be able to) he MUST be resigned. He is amazing, and I again LOL at all of you that wanted to trade him last season.
Marian Hossa.

People who are banking on guys like Thornton and Lecavalier to make it to UFA status are insane. Thornton will be back in San Jose, and Tampa Bay is not going to let Lecavalier go.

also, i honestly believe the PP could work if the talent is used properly..
I think Jagr is part of that problem. Renney might be an idiot when it comes to working a power play, but I think Jagr is a hinderance to him because of the way he wants things ran.

Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
Straka is a hard worker and all that and I like him also.. but the numbers just weren't there last season. He isn't a first liner.
I agree, he needs to go.

As much of a likable guy and an influence as he is, he's just not there anymore.

I could take the dropoff in points if he was a 30 goal guy.

Going from 25-50-75 to like 30-30-60 wouldn't be bad, but Straka isn't the type of player to score goals, and if he's not going to put up points the way he was doing, he's pretty much done. He's not smart enough defensively to be effective in that role. I love the effort he put in on the pk, and he really refined his defensive game from where it was years ago, but he's just not physical, and he's not smart enough defensively to be a contributor otherwise now.

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