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Originally Posted by Bruins77 View Post
Then they wonder why cops are killed and oil stations are blown up.
Cuz most cops with all due respect to the respectable ones, are egomaniac power junkies who only became cops in the first place so they could abuse the power they're given. They need to make traffic quotas and you get unfair tickets. They need to feel big, they go hassle some kids on the street corner who aren't doing anything wrong. They need a bust, they go to their local park and arrest some drunk teens. Why not try to find the drunk drivers? Why not try investigating murders, etc instead of wasting the publics time and tax dollars by arresting them and their children for stupid things like being in park after 12, or smoking a joint on a street corner. These people aren't hurting anybody, they might be doing something illegal but it isn't hurting anybody except maybe themselves. They could be outside bars waiting for drunk drivers to leave rather then waiting outside parks trying to find teens underage drinking to bust. I'm just saying, cops really have nothing better to do it seems then to hassle youth and try to act all big cause they're cops.

They fined this guy who is CLEARLY a college student cause he had a student pass, the guy is 19 for christs sake I don't think he's trying to scam the STM.

There's another government worker I detest, other then your very non-typical nice STM workers, the lot of them are typically *******s who thrive on nothing less than to piss off the customers who buy their passes and pay for their 60k a year salaries. You drive a bus all day and make a killing doing it, what do you have to complain about? Then they go on strike to make more money and make our taxes go up cause we have to pay these tools to do a job anybody with an IQ of 90 could do just by learning how to DRIVE for crying out loud. What about those metro workers who give out the tickets for 2.75 a shot, their lives must be so bad watching TV in their little booth making 60-70k a year. Then you go to get on a bus at lionel-groulx sometimes and they have a guy standing there to check if you have a student ID and if you don't he'll fine you, as if STM workers couldn't be bigger *******s they prove time and time again they can be.

So happy I got my license and car now so I never have to use an STM bus ever again cause those guys are typically the biggest **********.

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