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Originally Posted by Haddock View Post
The only people I blame for Todd is Immigration Canada.

Blanchard is the head of the sports section at La Presse. He comes out once in a while, the playoffs for example, to write about the team. Problem is, he's nothing but an old whiner now and Bob Dugay is not alive anymore to make him sound like less of a dick. Not sure if he ever played Lacrosse...

As long as said employees don't act in a way that is prejudicial to someone or a group of people la Cherry, then I don't think blaming the whole station is relevant, no.
I remember a story about a writer who covered the Expos, who manged to piss off a player. The player wanted to start something with the writer, I remeber either Melnick or Elliott Price warning the guy that it would be a mistake, the writer played professional lacrosse, and had a rep as a tough guy. The player didn't listen and things didn't go well for him. I always thought it was a guy named Blanchard, but I'm not sure.

I know what you mean. I see comments here all the time, Marinaro[or Stock] has managed to annoy someone, so the Team has no credibility. I dunno, I think it's a pretty good sports station. It could be better, but frankly, me not liking someone doesn't mean they're wrong.

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