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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
Right. The problem for me is that one or two commentators go way too far, but it becomes "CKAC says...", usually followed by "The french media says...", tarring everyone with the same brush. Most people here need a translation from the french, yet they are experts as to what is discussed in the francophone media.

That's it in a nutshell. There are some strong opinions being formed about unread articles.

I remember a quote from the late Mack Jones about Jim Bouton's Ball Four. 'I didn't read it, but I don't like it.'

Every now and then I turn on the CKAC morning show to see what kind of product it is, compared to the Team, and frankly, I don't find it sensationalised. They seem to want to do more theme material, outside of just the scores and highlights, but I've never heard rabid calls for Koivu's scalp. I was driving home from somewhere last July 2 and the guy was doing his show about why ufa's were avoiding MTl. If there was a hidden agenda, I didn't hear it.

Some of the other guys, be they Fournier and Bergeron or whoever, well they play different characters and if they rile up the public, well that means the public's paying attn.

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