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05-07-2008, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by AgentM View Post
Hey guys, Pens fan here. Obviously I know the Flyers roster and style of play well, but I didn't get to watch much of your series with the Flyers so I wanted to ask what you thought were the reasons that Philly was able to win it.

I know that Price under-performed but what were the other factors that lead to the series going the way that it went?

And what matchup(s) do you think were the most in the Flyers favor in your series?

Thanks guys!

I would not worry at all, your team will destroy the Flyers.

I have a question were you a fan when the Pens were going through rebuilding? Just a question I like those fans, you have a good team, you will win.

We should have won, we had the better team but did not play like it.

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