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05-07-2008, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler View Post
On the flipside, instead of giving a 3-figure amount yearly to **********, you're going to spend a 4 or 5 figure amount to other kinds of **********. SAAQ, insurance guys, oil companies, car salesmen and the like are not much better than the booth guys. You may also have to deal with obnoxious booth guys of your own (parking booth guys are usually crooks and morons).

Also, just so you know, driving a bus at the STM isn't the dream job you make it out to be. You'll have to work years and years to get a nice stable day shift, making family life difficult. You also have to deal with some twisted, ****ed up individuals too. Your customers include drug addicts, vagrants, thieves, drunks, ******** teenagers and losers who haven't figured out you should take a bath every day, not every month. You have to drive those people and deal with mad drivers on the road.
We have a very affordable public transportation system in Montreal.
errr... Very good, maybe, but affordable? When three-cars-per-household-City of Laval's is cheaper? In Kelowna, BC (what, 100k residents?) they've got busses with air conditioning and bike racks for half the price... Why those farmers are willing to pay taxes for buses and ********** city-slickers Montrealers wouldn't is beyond me, but there...

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