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05-07-2008, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHotRock View Post
dude? melrose? he's a ****** analyst, he'd be an even ****tier coach
What has Renney done though. Jagr carried us to the first two playoff berths. Not Renney.

Actually more so, it was Glens dealings that brought Nylander and Straka with the great drafting that got us those first two playoff berths.

This year the Rangers caught fire and explain to me how it had to do with Tom Renney or his coaching staff.

Torts would also be a great coach, I want some one who will show some ****ing emotion when its needed. Some one who has no problem say what hes gotta say. Renney does and I cannot stand it.

Tom Renney is an amateur hour coach with bush league tactics and a coaching staff behind him that is not fit to run an AHL team let alone an NHL one.

The only reason we even one 1 game in the Pittsburgh series was because Jagr had a fire lit under his ass like Ive never seen before.

Why was Strudwick in over Malik when Backman clearly needed to be benched, and finally was. Im a huge Strudwick fan but Malik> him and I HATE malik.

Why was Hollweg back in after being a major cause in the game 3 loss.

I have never been a Tom Renney fan, I never will be and do NOT think he is qualified to be the coach of the Rangers. Melrose may not have coached in 13 years, but he has a good amount of hockey knowledge. He sees things others do not and I think thats where Renney is lacking. Renney is not a visionary.

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