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05-07-2008, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by VAN-HAB View Post
A lot of dudes here that are so young and so fat.
You guys should spend less time on this board and more outside or in gym. If you are fat now there is a good chance you will be obese later one.

A gym? What's a gym?

Seriously, I'm considering joining the ''competition''. Not that I'm fat, but my diet of beer and take-out combined to my job and lack of exercise don't really help me. Actually, I'm looking at gaining some weight, muscular mass of course. I have a very forgiving metabolism that allows me to eat whatever I want without gaining weight, wich I did for years, but now some of my pants are a little tighter than they used to...

I already recently got back to skateboarding, wich is a good start for exercise, and I'm planning on extending my sessions length and frequency if my heel and ankle can take it. I'll post the info later.

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