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05-07-2008, 02:54 PM
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Here is a piece of advice for everyone.

Any time you have to deal with the government over a fine or charge or anything like that, be well warned.
The Government stand will be this " it's always up to the you to know the law. If your uncle Bob advised you and it turns out to be wrong your dead, but now the real kicker, if any government agent or worker gave you bad advice then your still in the wrong. Digest this info please, because it's really important. Government workers are allowed to make mistakes and simply give you the wrong advice and get off scott free, you will have to pay. Every Judge or deciding dept head will have to go by the actual LAW as it is written to the letter. Sure the idiot who gave you the bad advice gets a slap on the wrist but the bottom line is YOU PAY and that means $200 or $2000 bucks too bad on you. Now, right now your angry over $200 bucks, but be well warned, this could have been a ton worse like maybe build you house and then a mistake is discovered, the government plans given to you were wrong and now you are ordered to destroy the house you just built and move it to the right position. This did not happen to me, it's just an example but this has happened on occasion and the law is the law and thats it and thats what the Judge will say.

Private parties can always sue for damages but you can't sue the government because written right into the law is "it's always up to you to know the law" and that is the catch 22, get out of jail free card for the government.

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