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05-07-2008, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by rudethedude66 View Post
So I was listening to some AM station while driving through Toronto today and some host of some show was saying how there is a strong possibility that Sundin could play in Montreal next year. I know I have no links or names...but thats not what Im here for....What I want to know is, does anyone think that it is a posibility?
And for whomever wants to argue about stations or links...I believe the station was 1010 am...not sure...Don't know Toronto stations well
Hmm, doubt it would be 1010 since I don't think that talk station ever talks sports let alone hockey...probably either 640 or 590.

As for the rumor it self...I can only believe that if Sundin decides he wants to win the cup before he retires...unless the management is pissing him off more than I would have expected...

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