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05-07-2008, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by bwoar View Post
Huh? I didn't see the same games you did in the AHL I guess.

For success in the NHL he'll need:

1. consistent ice time (15 mins / game, say)
2. consistent linemates
3. to be allowed to make mistakes, just like Pleks / Akost / Skost (all of whom have made plenty)

Grabovski plays the game at a tempo that's just plain faster then his former mates in Hamilton. I think he's still got a good shot at the NHL, especially with the Habs building for speed on speed on speed.

He's one of those guys who will either fail miserably or all of the sudden become a dangerous weapon. But without a fair deal (#1,2,3 above) it's impossible to judge.
We're not at a stage where we can give him those. We're not rebuilding and he hasn't shown to me anything that warrants getting those. His defensive inefficiency prohibits him from being put consistently on a third or fourth line.

He could become something under the right conditions, I guess, but I'm not ready to wait for him. I don't think what he can become merits all the wait, plus we already have plenty of what his potential (offensive small center) is.

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