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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
Can't a reasonable person both appreciate what a fantastic job Renney has done overall (i.e. wins, player development), while at the same time question his judgment on a single issue (lineup moves, Prucha among them)? I think you'd have to be nuts to want Renney gone, but I also think Prucha still has some potential and I'd like to see him get some consistent ice time above the fourth line before I give up on him after one bad year.
Now can we go back to talking about something interesting and/or within the realm of possibility like what next year's team will look like or who we should draft?
Absolutely. I don't always agree with everything Renney does, but I try to at least give him the benefit of the doubt. He's been in hockey a long time and has had success at various levels. And no coach, no matter how good he is, is going to make the right decision every time. Sometimes there isn't a right decision to make.

Some people just seem to be over the top in their opinions of him, and I really see no reason for it.

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