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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
To me, a tough guy could hurt you with body checks, didn't get muscled off the puck, would win the puck possession battles. Someone the opponents feared and respected. Fighting counts a bit, but only if you can play hockey, too.

Butch Bouchard
Doug Harvey
John Ferguson
Larry Robinson
Chris Chelios
Shayne Corson

We haven't had a really productive tough guy for many years. Komisarek is the toughest guy we have now. O'Byrne might develop into one too, if he can manage to stop coveting purses.
If you define toughness by willingness, look no further than Terry Harper. He took what Tom Kostopolous does to an art form. No one took more and worse beatings than The Harp. He'd fight anyone, but I remeber cringing when he'd drop the gloves as you knew you'd be seeing blood soon.

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