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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Problem is Koivu has a No Trade Clause. The man played all his career for the Habs, has battled through a lot of adversity here, was part of the horrible years with the Habs. This year, we finished 1st, our team is shaping up to be a dominant one for many years, and you expect Koivu to waive his NTC???...He would have left Mtl a looooong time if he really wanted to leave. We're closer than ever to winning a cup, Koivu will resign here next year and will retire has a habs, you can be sure of that.

The man deserves the out most respect for staying through the bad times and never complain.

As for the Jokinen trade, Martin would ask for more.

I don't think Gainey will look to make a trade. He likes the core of young players, Higgins is a big part of it..

I really feel like Gainey should focus a lot on Campbell or Rozival. Adding one of these two, would give us the best Defense in the East hands down.
After that, he should try to get a player like Rolston.

Latendresse if he really does go to a skating camp like he mentioned, will be very good next year. If our players keep progressing like they do, then we do not really need a huge impact player.

Begin-Lapierre-Kosto (Streit)


If Lats is put all season with Koivu and gets PP minutes he will net around 20-25G.
SK has been amazing, if he keeps progressing, he should be incredible next year, the same goes for his Bro.
Adding Rolston to this 3rd line, would give us one of the best 2way lines in the league IMO.
And we would actually really have an ''energy'' line for a 4th line.

Of course, adding a guy like Sundin/Hossa/Jagr will always be amazing, but i would focus more on getting an all star Dman.

Getting that all star Dman like Campbell wouldn't be easy. There are a lot more teams a lot more desperate to find that puck moving Dman than the Habs. ie: Sharks, Sens, etc... Campbell would cost between 7-8 mil longterm and Roszival would be like 5-6 mil long term. Mtl had to "overpay" to sign Hamrlik and Markov so you can't expect to get one of these to guys under market value. Plus when you consider Gainey needs to lock up Komi long term after next season it is highly doubtful that he is going after Campbell or Roszival.

Mtl. would probably have to overpay to get Rolston as well, he's not signing in Mtl for 3 mil, any number of teams with just as good a shot at the playoffs/cup will be offering him that kind of money. So basically I think your hope to sign and all star D man and Rolston are a bit optimistic under the cap.

Signing one of Hossa, Campbell or Roszival would all be long term signings and realistically would limit/eliminate the Habs chances of adding any one else in FA over the next couple of years. Keeping in mind Mtl. has a lot of work to do to keep the core together, Higgins, Pleks, Komi, Lats, Chips, Koivu and Kovy among others are entering their last contract year. Basically you sign one of those three that is all you are doing.

Jagr, Sundin, Rolston are options I like more because they are mostly short term guys (1-3 year contracts) who can have a big impact.

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