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Originally Posted by Fido22 View Post
Good post.
It's not like you have to give up the food you like. It's about portion size, when you eat and what else you eat with it that day.

You can have the hamburger for lunch, but eat a salad for dinner. Etc.

Only have one serving of bread per day, don't have toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner or you're screwed. Don't skip out on carbs or bread, that's unhealthy. And DO NOT skip meals or your metabolism will slow down. You're just shooting yourself in the foot doing that.

Eat your last meal four hours before going to bed so your system has more time to work on the food while you aren't completely sedentary. Sleeping it off is the best way to lose weight. You lose it while you sleep! Perfect. Have a small snack two hours before bed if you have to. SMALL. It's all about portion size.

Lean towards more carbs in the morning, and more protein at night. And don't forget to have 4-8 glasses of water or green tea or mineral water with fruit squeezed in per day. Sodas will absolutely kill you. Have those one day a week if you must (I find them disgusting though).

Cardio in the morning (have a piece of fruit before) or when you wake up if you can. Weights later in the day after you've eaten healthy carbs earlier in the day.

You have to cut out 500 calories below your ideal calorie intake that day. You need to take in the right amount of calories depending on what you plan to do that day. If you are just sitting around at the office, it will be lower. Find that number and take 500 off it every day. OR, a better way is to take 250 off it and then workout to take the other 250 off. Or work out and take the whole 500 off and then just eat as you normally would. Change it up every week. Play games with it.

Track what you eat on for a couple weeks and then balance everything out. Make menus of what you like to eat and make sure you have at least a 50-30-20 carb-protein-fat ratio. You can go to 40-40-20 as well. Don't cut all the fat out, but make sure the fat you eat is healthy fat - like nuts, etc. Take the stuff you like to eat, control the portion size, then add other stuff if you have to to make sure you get the right balance every day.

You can change it up every week too with what you eat and what you balance out on your ratio.

And leave yourself one day to be bad per week.

Moderate your drinking (3 bottles of beer per day, one per hour, eat before and during, drink non-alcoholic drinks between each drink).

You have to make a game of it. There's a lot of good food out there.

I'm sure there's more to add to this list too.

This isn't a diet, it's the way you'll eat the rest of your life. There's a lot of variation there too, don't think it's restrictive. After awhile, you won't need to track the food anymore, you'll be able to automatically balance things out during the day. I always improvise what I eat. I just take a second to think about what I had for breakfast and lunch and then figure out what will go with that to balance out the ratio. Simple.

The main thing is to enter the nutrition qualities of the food you eat, and then go out and try to find better versions of the stuff you feed your face. Bread is a big culprit. The bread we eat is usually low in nutrients because it's a scam. You have to go out and find the best bread out there. Milton's multi-grain or Milton's whole grain is the best I've found, but it might not be available in Canada. Etc. Do that for everything. Read the packages for fat, sodium, etc. Watch the suggested portion size, that's another scam.

I feel like Richard Simmons now.

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