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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
Yeah, we have exactly one stud prospect: Fernando Martinez. That's it. The rest of our farm system is crap. The reason we got Santana is because neither the Red Sox or the Yankees felt like giving up a huge chunk of their farm systems to get Santana. Lets face it, the Red Sox and Yankees have way, way, way better farm systems than us. If we had the kind of talent in our farm systems that they do, then we wouldn't be in such a bind right now. Look at all that young pitching. We didn't mind giving up what we gave up to get Santana because we didn't have anything to give up in the first place compared to the Sox and Yanks. Also it helped that nobody else was willing to pay Santana other than those three organizations, which doesn't happen in hockey with the cap.
I wasn't saying the Mets have a great farm system, what I'm saying is the best didn't give up that much to land what is/was considered the best pitcher in baseball. Santana was due a contract and Kovy is due one soon too. You have take these things into account when making a deal. If Kovy wants out or Atlanta doesn't feel like giving Kovy the max it could very well mean he might fall into the Rangers laps for less than what Kovy is equal to in terms of talent or prospects. As in the Santana deal the Mets didn't give up Wright (Staal) or Reyes (Hanks) they gave up decent prospects (Jessiman, Dawes, Bourret)..

IT can be done if all the right chips fall into place just like Jagr for Carter or Joe Thornton wanting out of Boston and them wanting to send him anywhere but the east coast.

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